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Hexagram 33

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Changing course.

The hexagram describes a stage of decline where the threat of decay has become so urgent as to warrant a redirection of one's energies.

Resisting the decay is no longer appropriate. The strategy one is currently engaged in is not able to stem the decline so an alternative is required. This means a definite change of course or plan. It is not a temporary detour.

It may be necessary to retreat from a commitment.

The Oracle is requesting that you consciously change your direction. It is probable that an activity you are engaged in is distracting you from something more important, like Love.

Alternatively, the hexagram may be commenting on a process that changes direction without any action on your part.

The hexagram may also be indicating a change of mind by the Oracle itself, perhaps in relation to a previous indication it had given.


Redirection is spiritually rewarding.
There may be opportunity for Love.

Redirection opens up new opportunities.
Perhaps Love can now be seen.

Voluntary change of plan.

Forced into compromise.
The redirection cannot be completed.

The redirection is accomplished in an orderly manner.

Leaving the redirection too late.
Or, Changing one's mind at the last minute.