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Hexagram 31

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The hexagram means inviting or being invited.

It relates particularly to the awakening of sexual desire. This could be a new discovery of ardour in youth or the re-emergence of desire in a seasoned lover. It may relate to the renewal of a jaded relationship.

Sexual relation is important to the Oracle and this hexagram is an explicit attempt to steer attention in that direction.

The hexagram can sometimes be interpreted non-sexually, for example finding a swimming pool inviting on a hot summer day.

Woo or be wooed. Do what it takes to be a lover.

Successful sexuality is a delicate affair. While an invitation to engage can be strong and clear, there is never any excuse to impose on an unwilling partner.


Too much talk, not enough action.
Or, An invitation is withdrawn.

This wooer is irresistible.

Woo with all your heart.

Compromised invitation.

Be receptive to amorous invitations.

The ardour is not strong.
Perhaps one should wait before taking an initiative.