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Test uncertainty.

The hexagram describes a situation that has the possibility of merit but whose ultimate value or outcome is uncertain.

The uncertainty may be tested in an attempt to gain the prize.

Until value in the situation is proven the attempt should be regarded as a trial only. Investments should be made in small increments and progress re-assessed after each increment. Set limits to how far you will go.

Let any attempt be sincere. Invest genuine effort with the expectation of success. But don't go to extremes without suitable reward.

Have a go.

There is an interesting opportunity available to you but its outcome is uncertain. Make a sincere attempt to realise its possibilities.

Until its viability is established invest in the attempt as a trial run only.

If you have cast this hexagram in the early or middle stages of a trial then you should be patient and allow more time for an outcome to become clear. If you have cast it late in a trial, the fact that the uncertainty has not yet receded may be sufficient reason to give up.


Unsuccessful attempt.
Or, Giving up trying.

Sincere attempt.
Know how far to take it.

Uncertainty resolves.

Attempt encounters difficulty.

Try harder.
Or, Too early to make a decision.

Making a strong attempt.