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Spiritual influence.

Universal power is the influence in the world of the universal spirit, the universe as a sentient spiritual whole. The spiritual power is supremely restrained: It is so subtle, uncontrolling and modest as to have the lightest touch of all powers. It bathes the cosmos in a song thrilling with rhythms of Love - a harmonious background to more forceful foreground powers and difficult to detect above their din. Universal power is a beacon to harmony in the world but does not enforce it.

Universal power leaves us free to exert personal power in the conduct of our lives and can be obscured by our personal forcefulness. Universal power manifests in the subtleties of reality, which become more significant in the absence of forcefulness. The world abounds with personal powers obscuring universal power and disturbing its harmonious expression.

We can become aware of universal power by being quiet and attending to subtlety. We can follow its rhythms by fluidly adapting to change. We can harmonize with it using a delicate, sensitive touch. Following its song leads us to Love. Feeling its thrills intensifies our sensibilities. Harmonizing our personal power with universal power gives human and spiritual delight.

The hexagram describes the restraining of power. The universal spirit influences the world but does not control it, while we have personal power because we are not spiritually controlled. By modestly restraining our personal power we can avoid obscuring universal power and give greater expression to the spiritual harmony.

In the random fall of a hexagram, the background spiritual influence becomes apparent because foreground influences have been restrained. In meditation, the spiritual subtlety can shine through because foreground influences have been restrained.

Universal power is absolutely modest. To utilize it we too must be absolutely modest.

Let the spiritual influence shine through.

Restrain your power. Look to the subtleties of your situation. Don't let foreground commotion distract you from giving attention to subtlety.

Look for subtlety in Love.

Alternatively, this may be a good time to explore your deeper feelings in search of your spiritual connection. Meditation may be appropriate.

If you are not able to be sufficiently quiet, search out a knowledge that leads to an understanding of subtlety of mind, and refrain from all activity at this time.

This interpretation of the hexagram is significantly different to a classical I Ching interpretation. However, universal power is similar to the classical concept of Tao.


Universal power expressed.
Is it Love?

In the service of Love.

Modest use of one's own strength may not be in conflict with universal power.

Learning through being quiet.

One’s own power is held in check.

Universal power cannot be heard above the noise. Desist.