Oracle of Love
Hexagram 22

Guide to Interpreting
About Love
Should You Cast
Another Hexagram?

to the Oracle

How to Cast
a Hexagram

Find a

Simple beauty.

The hexagram means beauty; in particular, beauty that is uncomplicated and accessible. 

Sometimes things and people around us spontaneously constellate into aspects that emphasise their loveliness. Simple beauty strikes an immediate chord.

Beauty can also be sought out. Artists delight in sharing their revelations of it. But grace is fragile and excessive decoration may hide rather than reveal it.

Grace is an easy gateway to Love.

Look for loveliness in your world.

Seek out beauty if it has not arisen spontaneously.

Enjoy beauty as an invitation to Love.


A gateway to Love.

The beauty of nature.
Or, Struck by beauty.

Polish the natural.
Excessive decoration can hide beauty.

A fountain of loveliness.
Love is here.

Grace in one's self.

Look for the loveliness in lowly things.
Their beauty is not always obvious.