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Virtuous strength.

The hexagram describes a stage of development where all preparatory work has been done, strength has built up and one is ready to act.

The Virtue of Modesty requires that the strong support the weak. Virtuous strength therefore controls itself. It considers the consequences for others before acting. It waits for the right opportunity to act rather than having its way as soon as it can.

A balance of strength and restraint promotes stability and tranquility. This is a time of peace, a time to consolidate one's position and watch for opportunity. The time to act, though close, has not yet arrived.

Strength, stability, readiness and self-control give confidence to subsequent actions.

Hold your strength.

Build your confidence.

Be ready to Love.

The Virtue of Modesty is discussed in a wider context in the section General Principles of the Oracle.

The hexagram Modesty also contributes to the discussion.


All dressed up and nowhere to go.
Or, Overly virtuous.

Ready to Love.

Strength is invisible and ready.

Not ready yet.
Confidence would be misplaced.

Strength is held in check.

Consolidating one’s position.