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This website is an ongoing exploration. The most recent updates are:

—2 April 2017 : In an attempt to make the Oracle easier to read and understand, the introductory commentaries and hexagrams 8 SPIRITUALITY, 26 UNIVERSAL POWER and 14 PLEASURE have been changed. The hexagram meanings were not affected. Hexagram numbers have also been added to all the hexagram descriptions.

—26 October 2016 : Hexagram 16 PROJECTION has been adjusted.

—26 October 2016 : Hexagram 4 REFRESHMENT has been adjusted.

—12 March 2016 : Hexagram 33 REDIRECTION has been adjusted.

All material on this site (apart from the I Ching hexagram diagrams) copyright Mike Abramowitz 2008 - 2016.

The main source of my knowledge of the I Ching is the English edition of the Richard Wilhelm translation by Cary F. Baynes. Fractal images were generated using Fractal Explorer and Fractint.

Mike's other work: A Very Physical Spirituality (a free online book).
The book describes my personal view of spirituality and offers a wider philosophical context for the Oracle.