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This website is an ongoing exploration. The most recent updates are:

—16 February 2018 : Hexagrams 8 SPIRITUALITY and 26 UNIVERSAL POWER have been rephrased.

—2 April 2017 : In an attempt to make the Oracle easier to read and understand, the introductory commentaries and hexagrams 8 SPIRITUALITY, 26 UNIVERSAL POWER and 14 PLEASURE have been changed. The hexagram meanings were not affected. Hexagram numbers have also been added to all the hexagram descriptions.

All material on this site (apart from the I Ching hexagram diagrams) copyright Mike Abramowitz 2008 - 2016.

The main source of my knowledge of the I Ching is the English edition of the Richard Wilhelm translation by Cary F. Baynes. Fractal images were generated using Fractal Explorer and Fractint.

Mike's other work: A Very Physical Spirituality (a free online book).
The book describes my personal view of spirituality and offers a wider philosophical context for the Oracle.